Sample Thesis/Dissertation Topics

Clinical Psychology

Investigation of the Impacts of Psychological factors (Stress and Depression) among Black Fathers on Children Development

According to Baker (2014), father involvement in child development is an essential element for enhancing children’s language, literacy, and academic achievement, especially among pre-school and kindergarten children. However, there is limited research on whether psychological such as stress influence children’s development through minimized interactions (Ramchandani et al., 2013). In fact, most studies that have addressed this gap have ignored fatherhood among the blacks, who are generally associated with low socioeconomic status (Baker, 2014; Ramchandani et al., 2013).  This study will examine whether psychological factors (stress and depression) among Black fathers influence children’s development. The study will help in identifying whether there is a significant need to reduce stress and depression among black fathers to enhance children’s development.

An Assessment of the Impacts of Police Brutality among Black Fathers on Women Stress

Historically, black men living in the US have continuously experienced various forms of oppression and police brutality (Miller & Vittrup, 2020). Despite government efforts to eliminate racial-based discrimination, the efforts have not yet been actualized. Black fathers still face various forms of discrimination, which consequently adversely affect their families (Miller & Vittrup, 2020). Specifically, women whose husbands’ are victims of brutality mainly experience psychological deformities such as stress and depression (Chaney & Robertson, 2013). Although research on race-based discrimination among black men has been conducted, there is limited research on the extent to police brutality among the black indirectly affect women (Alang, McAlpine, McCreedy & Hardeman, 2017). Thus, the current study will examine the extent of police brutality among black fathers and their impacts on women’s stress. The study will contribute to the development of literature on how police brutality among black fathers significantly influences stress among their wives. It will also help identify various ways in which the women cope with the stress.

Public administration

Investigation of the Effects of Workplace Discourtesy on Satisfaction of Customers in Public Organizations in Europe

According to Geldart et al. (2018), workplace discourtesy prevails in most public organizations due to reduced independence among the employees stemming from the centralized decision-making process, tall hierarchy, and increased formalized rules and policies. These factors tend to lower employees’ motivations towards their work, which consequently reduces their morale, causing them to display unproductive work behaviors such as rudeness. Schuster, Lund-Thomsen, Kazmi, Sharma, and Singh (2016) also argued that the false perceptions that employees working in public organizations cannot be fired make the employees pursue their self-interests, disregarding the effectiveness of the organizations. Thus, this study will examine the effects of such workplace discourtesy on customer satisfaction. The study will inform public administrators on the various types of workplace discourtesy evident in public organizations and implement strategies to combat such behaviors.  

An Assessment of the Impacts of Leadership Styles on Employee Satisfaction in Public Organizations in Europe

 Organizational leaders, particularly those working in public organizations, tend to experience various challenges while striving to make effective decisions while dealing with uncertainties, pressures, and risky situations (Fouad, 2019). This implies that there is a need for coping with the existing cultural differences that threaten effective leadership. Since leaders are major players in organizational performance (Zhang, Li, Ullrich & van Dick, 2015), there is a need to examine the effectiveness of the various leadership styles on employee satisfaction in public organizations. Thus, this study will examine the impacts of leadership styles on employee satisfaction in public organizations in Europe. The study will significantly contribute to identifying and implementing the most effective leadership styles that encourage employee satisfaction and retention.  

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