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E-Health and Consumer Health Informatics


After reviewing the Blue River Case Study, discuss the following: What challenges
does the organization face when attempting to ensure continuity of care for those patients with
chronic diseases and what current or new e-health technology might help it address those


In an attempt to ensure continuity of care for patients with chronic diseases, health care organizations have adopted telehealth technology that helps in integrating data from portable monitoring devices such as blood pressure cuffs and videophones. This technology is associated with such benefits as enhanced quality of healthcare services and reduced cost of services (Brown, Patrick & Pasupathy, 2012). Although it is not obvious that rehospitalization for patients with chronic conditions will reduce with the adoption of telehealth infrastructure, it is very likely that such reduction is possible since the technology promotes the early detection of symptoms.

However, when attempting to ensure continuity of care for patients with chronic diseases through technology, various challenges could be encountered. Although the technology-based health facilities would enable continuity of care by allowing patients to access and manage individual health information, the systems might deliver wrong or unreliable health information. Also, some patients, such as older patients and those with insufficient experience to use technology-based platforms, may find it difficult to interact with the systems online (Eysenbach, 2001). In addition, some of the technologies used may adversely affect the compensation of patients, especially if they allow online patient-clinician interaction. This may also breach the privacy of patients’ data as it can be shared with other family members.

To address the challenges, healthcare organizations need to adopt new e-health technology. The adopted e-health technology should be easy to use, entertaining, and exciting since people are more interested in using technologies that are captivating (Eysenbach, 2001). It should also be extended to enable patients to easily obtain health services online, including simple and complex interventions. In addition, e-health technology should consider ethics such as privacy and equity in patient-physician interaction.

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