Writing a Good Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is a critical section while writing a thesis paper, a dissertation, or an essay. Most students always get confused about how to write a captivating thesis statement. It is also not a surprise to find a high number of students who don’t know what a thesis statement is. Let’s start by defining a thesis statement.

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What is a thesis statement?

A thesis statement can be defined as a sentence or a paragraph that sums up the main aim of your research paper or essay. In an essay, it appears at the end of the introduction section. However, for a research paper such as a thesis, a capstone project, or a dissertation, a thesis statement comes in the introduction chapter but within the problem statement section. This clearly informs us that a thesis statement may appear in various sections and this depends on the type of paper you are writing. It is worth noting that a thesis statement should clearly state the main idea of your paper, such that every other chapter or section in your paper relates to this idea.

Why write a thesis statement?

You might be asking why a thesis statement is important while writing a paper. Here are some of the main reasons why a thesis statement is a significant section of your paper.

  • It help you to better organize and develop your argument
  • It act as a guide to the reader about the main ideas contained in your paper
  • It help you summarize your ideas in a sentence or two, thus, making it easier for a reader to understand the main ideas conveyed in your paper.

Developing a thesis statement when the topic is provided

Most assignments regardless of their complexity can be reformulated into a one or a two-sentence thesis statement. Thus, to develop a good thesis statement in such a situation, you need to distill the homework question into a specific question. Such a thesis statement example is when prompted to “Write an essay to your nearest high school board explaining the importance of using computers in enhancing student’s performance.” In this case, the question may be formulated as, “What is the importance of using computers in enhancing students’ performance among high school students?” After formulating this question, you are now good to go. You can now develop one or two complete sentences answering that will answer the question, which is the so-called good thesis statement.

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Developing a good thesis statement when a topic is not provided

There are many situations you might be required to write a thesis statement and the topic is not provided. For instance, you may be required to write a thesis statement for your research paper, a capstone project, an essay, or a dissertation.  Don’t worry! This is a simple process.  If you are required to write a thesis statement and the specific question is not provided, you should keep in mind that a thesis statement needs to comprehensively answer a question of your interest.  In this situation, your main task is to come up with an interesting and researchable topic.  To make sure you write a good thesis statement, include the following four major characteristics.

  • Develop a unique topic that you think people could disagree and argue your points to eliminate any form of doubt
  • Deal with a subject that can be adequately treated given the nature of the assignment
  • Express one major and unique idea
  • Make a sensible conclusions about you topic
Characteristics of a good thesis statement

A good thesis statement should;

Assume some sort of stand and be specific: – a good thesis statement should indicate your stand about a certain topic. An example of a good thesis statement with some sort of stand is “Because continuous physical exercises promote increased weight loss among obese patients, it poses a potential danger to people with diabetes.”

Express one unique main idea: – A good thesis statement should be easier for the reader to identify one and the main idea conveyed in your paper. Expressing more than one idea might create more confusion for the reader about your topic.

Justifies discussion: – This means that a good thesis statement should highlight the point of discussion. In particular, a good thesis statement should show that the topic is controversial, thus, catching the attention of many readers. This means justifying discussion in a thesis statement will motivate your readers to continue reading to understand how you argue your points.

Be specific: – A good thesis statement should outline the specific objective of your paper and this will help you keep your paper to a manageable topic.

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