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Revision Policy

At BestWritingBay, we are committed to providing high-quality academic writing services to our clients. We strive to ensure that every order is completed to the satisfaction of the client. However, we understand that there may be instances where a client may need some revisions to be made to their order. In this policy, we will outline our revision policy to ensure that our clients are fully aware of the process involved in requesting revisions.

What is a Revision?

A revision is a request made by a client to make changes to an order that has been completed and delivered by our team. A revision may be requested when a client is not satisfied with the final product or when some aspects of the order do not meet the original instructions provided.

Revision Request Process

Clients who wish to request a revision of their order should follow the process below:

  1. Review the Order. Before requesting a revision, the client should carefully review the order to ensure that all the instructions provided in the original order have been followed. If there are any issues, the client should clearly identify them.
  2. Submit the Request. Once the client has reviewed the order and identified the areas that require revision, they should submit a revision request through their BestWritingBay account.  The request should clearly outline the changes that need to be made and any specific instructions that the client would like the writer to follow.
  3. Receive Confirmation. After submitting the revision request, the client will receive confirmation that the request has been received and is being reviewed. Our team will review the request and assign it to the original writer or another writer if necessary.
  4. Revision Completion. The writer assigned to the revision will complete the requested changes and submit the revised order to the client. The client should review the revised order to ensure that all the requested changes have been made.

Revision Eligibility

Our revision policy has some eligibility criteria which must be met before a client can request a revision. These criteria include:

  • Original Instructions

The revision request should be based on the original instructions provided by the client. If the revision request includes new instructions or requirements that were not included in the original order, the revision request will not be accepted.

Your revision should not require our custom writers to add more pages than the placed order and paid services.

  • Timely Request

Revision requests must be made within 14 days of the order delivery date. Any revision requests made after this period will be considered as a new order, and the client will be required to place a new order to receive the requested changes.

  • Reasonable Requests

Revision requests should be reasonable and within the scope of the original instructions. Requests that go beyond the scope of the original instructions may be subject to additional charges.

Revision Turnaround Time

The time taken to complete a revision request will depend on the nature and complexity of the requested changes. However, we strive to complete all revision requests within 3 days of the request being submitted. In case of more complex revisions, the client will be informed of the estimated turnaround time.

Revision Limitations

We understand that some orders may require multiple revisions to meet the client’s expectations fully. However, we have some limitations in place to ensure that the revision process is fair to both the client and the writer. These limitations include:

  • Maximum Revisions

Each order is entitled to a maximum of three revisions. If the client is still not satisfied with the order after three revisions, they may request a refund or request that the order be assigned to a different writer.

  • Major Changes

If the revision request includes major changes that go beyond the scope of the original instructions, the client may be required to place a new order.

  • Deadline Extension

If the revision request requires an extension of the original deadline, the client may be required to pay an additional fee.

Therefore, At BestWritingBay, we value the satisfaction of our clients, and we strive to provide high-quality academic writing services. Our revision policy is designed to ensure that our clients receive papers that meet their expectations.

We guarantee unlimited revisions to all our clients until they are satisfied with the quality of their papers. However, we urge our clients to provide clear and specific instructions when placing their orders to avoid unnecessary revisions.

We also encourage clients to communicate any concerns they may have about their papers to our support team promptly. We believe that our revision policy demonstrates our commitment to delivering excellent service and meeting the needs of our clients.

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