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Sample Case Study Paper For You

Posted on Sunday, August 15th, 2021

Sample Case Study Paper For You

Assignment Details:

Please analyze the teamwork theory and yourself and build up a reasonable description of your team, according to the following questions: 

What kind of team player/team member are you?

Find a role test on the internet (prof. Laima recommended some) and assess your team member’s role and competencies, analyze results and make a self-analysis of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis) as a team member. Describe yourself through analysis. Who would you be in your team? Why?

What kind of team do you need?

What roles, what competencies, characteristics do you expect from the other members of your team. Why? 

What are the values and rules/norms in your team?

Write down the main values you think are important to follow in your team. Why? Try to explain what kind of rules are necessary for your team and why. 

How do you assess and measure the success of your team? 

How do you know that your team is successful – criteria, key performance indicators (KPIs), etc. 

The optimal length of the analysis is 5 pages, but you need to include the necessary role test results, analysis, etc you use as the basis for your answers/teamwork descriptions. This assignment gives you a maximum of 20 points. 


Teamwork Theory

Based on the teamwork theory, my role as a project developer can be said to be a contributor. Generally, contributors are mainly task-oriented, and they are more involved in sharing information with other team members and ensuring that every aspect of a project is considered (Cogliser, Gardner, Gavin & Broberg, 2012). In fact, contributors are often recognized as detail-oriented because of their thoroughness in performing their tasks. In addition, Katzenbach and Smith (2015) noted that contributors successfully perform their tasks and motivate other team members to set high-performance standards and appropriately utilize limited resources. As such, they are mainly perceived as dependable, authoritative, organized, reliable, and proficient.

Furthermore, Hu and Liden (2011) argued that a contributor serves by priority with the aim of promoting performance among other team members. This implies that they are effective in teaching technical skills to other team members. However, contributors should be more careful about their weaknesses, such as being impatient, impulsive, and avoiding risks (Cogliser et al., 2012). One of the main problems associated with these weaknesses is the reduced trust of other team members. This implies that contributors should recognize other members’ feelings and focus on improving their interpersonal and communication skills.

Team Member’s Role and Competencies

Team members in our organization are associated with various roles and competencies that define the effectiveness of contributors. For instance, team members in the organization are generally competent in managing and effectively handling multiple demands and competing deadlines. In addition, they are proficient in identifying goals, creating plans, estimating the time required to complete certain tasks, and monitoring the progress of projects without many oversights.

Furthermore, team members in our organization are associated with strong interpersonal communication skills. This is evident from the various team members who work harder to ensure relationship work by listening effectively and developing rapport with other employees. Additionally, most of the workers in the organization can clearly articulate their opinions and thoughts, thus, presenting information in a logical and straightforward way. This consequently ensures that the instructions are well understood to avoid potential errors. Most employees are also effective in sharing information with other group members to enhance overall work progress.

Moreover, team members are also competent and effective in delivering results. More importantly, they take personal initiative in all activities to achieve improved outcomes and work effectively with little or no supervision. Generally, the team members in project development can be said to be dependable and responsible. This is evident from their ability to complete the tasks assigned to them in a timely and responsible way to significantly and directly contribute to the achievement of team goals.

SWOT Analysis

Self-Analysis (SWOT Analysis)

The analysis is based on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The analysis is summarized in the table below.

Strengths Weaknesses
As a team member, I… Effectively manage the available time properly. Effectively utilize the available technology to monitor and improve work. Effectively perform multiple projects to ensure timely delivery and full adherence to quality standards. Share essential information and knowledge with other team members. Consistently ensure other team members understand the information well. Assist others in successfully completing their tasks to achieve group goals. Build and maintain collaborative work relationships with other group members. As a team member and project developer, I am… Adversely affected by employee absenteeism and turnover. Affected by the limited team members with competent skills in project management. Adversely affected by reduced cash flow, particularly in the performing phase.  
Opportunities Threats
Our company is rapidly expanding with many future opportunities for success. There are various training opportunities to promote project success. Involvement of every member in the decision-making process.   Change of project requirement, which adversely affects the success of a project.Risks associated with the estimation of completion time. Unclear specifications due to inappropriate project initiation.Availability of unavoidable risks due to changes in government policy.

Based on the SWOT analysis, I would be a coordinator team player in our organization. This is because most of the strengths and opportunities relate to motivation and management to lead other group members for improved organizational performance. In addition, the SWOT analysis demonstrates the ability of a team player to come up with challenging yet achievable objectives and is responsible for achieving the set objectives. It is also evident that team members strive to effectively meet the set objectives without sacrificing quality. Generally, I could be described as a coordinator because I am always available to provide guidance and information to other team members and effectively perform the various duties assigned to me by the administration. By appropriate scheduling, I effectively perform multiple projects to ensure timely delivery and full adherence to quality standards.

Kind of Team I need

Based on the evaluation, for the effective success of the organization, the team members are required to portray various roles, competencies, and characteristics. According to Moe, Dingsøyr, and Dybå (2010), good team members need to understand that teamwork’s effectiveness is mainly achieved from individual responsibilities. This implies that they need to under their role and competencies in the organizations. This would help utilize skills and competencies that ensure superior business outcomes, high profitability, and increased organizational performance. In addition, by understanding individual roles, other team members will understand that their engagement in the organization is crucial to influence the overall organizational performance. This would consequently make them feel recognized and motivated to achieve the set goals.

Furthermore, team members should also be embrace collaboration and understand that they can be called upon in the decision-making process and contribute new ideas. In fact, with the increasingly changing norms in project management today, team members need to utilize more of their energy and talent, communicate effectively with others, and create collaborative relationships with others for an organization’s successful performance. Besides, they should recognize that they ultimately play a crucial role in deciding whether the organization will be high-performing or dysfunctional. This implies that team members should understand that they are accountable for organizational performance and work hard to meet organizational goals. This would significantly enhance the overall performance of the business.

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