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Best Article rewriting services

Posted on Wednesday, November 9th, 2022

Best Article rewriting services

Article rewriting helps avoid plagiarism. In some other cases, article rewriting helps enhance the quality of the content by improving the flow of ideas, which is crucial for digital marketing and advertising.

Even for professional writers, article rewriting is time-consuming, but the results could be promising. Manual rewriting can be performed in many ways, including exchanging synonyms or rewording specific terms to make them look unique.

However, finding fresh content every week is difficult as research can sometimes be time-consuming. Rewriting requires attention to maintaining the original elements of the content but in a new set of words. In this article, we will guide you on how to rewrite content without sacrificing quality by following a few practical tips.

Difference between Rewriting and Paraphrasing

Rewriting and paraphrasing are two of the most misunderstood terms in the writing business. Many marketers believe the outcome of these two terms is the same. But practically, rewriting and paraphrasing differ when it comes to application.

Paraphrasing is performed when we are required to enhance the quality of content in terms of readability or style. It depends on your vocabulary, which defines how straightforward or complexes a paragraph is to read.

Rewriting involves changes on a broader scale. When rewriting, you may have to compromise the whole piece of writing and present some fresh content that contains the same information as the original one. The idea is to maintain the meaning of the context but in a new piece of writing. The advantages of paraphrasing and rewriting is that these techniques help avoid plagiarism.

Tips to Rewrite Content Without Sacrificing Quality

Quality writing requires dedicated time and attention. But when it comes to rewriting, you may have to deliver more than that in the following tips.

Research the Idea

The research phase is the first and far most important step of any writing. Before rewriting an article, focus on the content’s title, idea, or main topic. Research the original idea thoroughly over the internet to find as much relevant content as you can related to it.

Once you have researched the idea, create a blueprint of bullet points or headings like an outline. This way, you can keep track of the material you’ve found during your research. Moreover, you can compare the structure and headings of the original content to avoid similarity.

Rewrite by Paragraph

Rewriting an article sentence by sentence may require more time, and the results may not be very appealing. Therefore, avoid such a practice and rewrite the article by paragraph. Each paragraph includes a specific idea, and the purpose of rewriting is to present the original idea in your own words.

Rewriting a sentence to present the same idea may ruin the readability score and sense of the content. If you’re focused on writing a 100% unique article, you should read the complete article first and rewrite it after conducting sufficient research.

Implement Maximum Changes

Implementing changes does not mean you’re supposed to change the whole idea of the context. But you should be focused on changing the article in terms of words to make it look unique. Besides the basic terms and phrases, you can also play with the structure of the content.

For example, if the original content is written in lengthy paragraphs, you can include additional heading tags by breaking the paragraph into a few different sections. But again, the content under these headings should share the same idea but in a different set of words.

Take Assistance from Technology

AI technology will be your best partner if you want to make things more efficient. With the help of an online article rewriting tools, you can write unique content in a matter of seconds. These tools are programmed to deliver unique and readable content with easy-to-read vocabulary.

Using the NLP algorithms, article rewriting tools support a wide range of language and an extensive library of synonyms against each word. It only takes a few clicks to rewrite content with these tools, making it of great assistance for marketers and content writers.


The final stage after rewriting is proofreading, where you have to give a final look at your piece of writing. Even if you’re using technology to rewrite content, the results may not be perfect in terms of your requirements. Therefore, it’s always beneficial to give a final look at your content to look for any improvements or mistakes.

Proofreading involves checking for grammatical and spelling mistakes, the content’s structure, and the authenticity of the information mentioned in the content. So, ensure that the rewritten content shares the idea of the original context without affecting its quality.


Article rewriting can bring fruitful results regarding guest posting, blog posting, or digital marketing. It’s a professional practice that helps writers to compile original information in unique words, even if the topic under discussion seems repeated.

This article featured some practical tips to rewrite content without affecting its quality. We share several methods and tips to make the content unique by maintaining the apparent meaning. We hope this article provided you with helpful information about rewriting unique articles.

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