Custom Writing Services FAQs

We have answers to all the questions you may have about our custom writing services!Some of the frequently asked questions regarding our services are:

  • What is the Scope of your Services?
  • We majorly assist with web research, creative writing, proofreading and editing services as well as professioonal documents writig. Best Writing Bay is considered as reliable in the custom writing services it offers to clients.

  • Do you offer services in academic levels?
  • Our professional research paper writing and editing services are offered to students at all academic levels. These include high school, college, university or any other imaginary academic level.

    Our professionalism and expertise in providing best writing services to all levels is guaranteed by our pro research paper writers, who are hired, and trained to handle all academic lavel papers. We only hires master’s and doctorate writers to ensure papers in all academic levels are well-addressed.

    With our custom research paper writing help, you can rest assured of finding the right online homework help, custom dissertation writing help, and Personal statement Help. In so doing, Best Writing Bay provides a prompt solution to all your research and writing problems. We deliver custom essays writing from undergraduate college level to postgraduate level, college term papers, as well as dissertations and thesis writing services.

  • How sure am I about my prepaid order with you?
  • You need to trust our gained expertise. There are many orders placed, completed, paid for and testified on at our firm. We leave nothing to chance in order not to lose any client; our ordering is firm, terms ad conditions apply.

  • Can you refund my Money if I no longer need a placed order?
  • The answer is Yes if it is our fault. However, if the fault is not our own, you will not be refunded. You can also get partial refund if the work is partially done & Conditionally depending on special cases scenario.

    Obviously if and/or once your research paper is completed and you do not need it anymore, we do not refund your money.

  • Is it possible to make changes on an already placed order?
  • The time of changing the instructions is limited, but then our customers have the leeway of advising our writers on desired amendments but within the initial instructions. This is done in liaison with the editors’ desk.

  • How do you guarantee non-plagiarized results?
  • We are aware of the menace and hence put the necessary measures to avoid such compromises. Our team run a thorough plagiarism tests to ensure that your complete order is original.

  • What do you do with the completed orders after clearing with the customer?
  • Once you have your order completed, your predetermined time met and your specifications met, we transfer the orders from the database and we never resell or publish them again.

Can you write my essay for me?

This is a question one of our co-founders wished he could find a positive answer to as he was striving to finish his Masters in psychology while balancing two jobs. Are you asking the same question today? Luckily, we’re here with a big YES to your request.

While it is crucial that every student master how to write a good essay, we agree that it’s not easy. And that’s why we’re here to help you out. At least for a couple of times until you get the hang of it.

We have a team of essay writing experts who can write an essay in any discipline. By being on this website, consider your custom essay handled. We’re a reliable essay writing service, and there’s so much to what we can do for you. Here’s why we’re the best company to meet your “write my essay request.”

Isn’t it wrong to have someone write my essay online?

Isn’t that cheating? Concerning this, we advise that you use the custom paper delivered to you as a sample so that you craft your essay. Then submit your copy of the document to your instructor/lecturer or supervisor. Thus, with that said, you can use your custom paper as follows;

  • Read through the paper delivered to you

  • Check the format our writers have used so that you apply them to your paper.

  • Use the references for more research

  • We highly recommend that you use the sources used to compile your academic paper.

Are there any hidden costs?

What you see is what you get. The price you see here is an accurate figure of how much we’re charging to write your essay.

Some academic writing websites quote you a low price. Once you pay the quoted price, they hit you with additional fees. With Best Writing Bay, things are different. The price we quote you for the first time is the only money you pay for your order.

I want an expert to write my research paper. Can you guarantee that?

Yes. All our writers are strictly vetted. Our writers must pass complex tests before we hire them. The tests help to confirm their academic qualifications and define their level of English and research skills.

When you place your order with us, our writers follow instructions keenly to avoid multiple revisions from our editors. Thus, you can rest guaranteed that when you send out your write my essay request, your research paper will be written by a pro.

How much money should I pay for you to write an essay for me?

You don’t have to break the piggy bank to afford our custom essays. We’ve factored in many factors affecting students to give you competitive rates that will get you quality and convenience.
Our pricing system is dependent on several factors.

  • Type of academic essay you order
  • Your preferred number of pages
  • Your academic level (range from high school, college, University, Masters, and Ph.D.)
  • Your paper’s urgency.
What if my essay isn’t submitted on time?

“My deadline is due soon, and I’d like someone to write an essay for me before the due date. I don’t want it to be late.” If this is where you’re at, we get you. Before we can proceed, let’s assure you that this is unlikely to happen. However, it’s not impossible, especially when urgent papers are involved.
For less critical projects, we have enough time to deliver them on time. Besides, the pieces are assigned to more experienced and high-rated writers. So, expect little to no occurrence of such cases. But in case of such a circumstance, we guarantee to refund your money as per terms and conditions of Best Writing Bay.

How will you write my essay; is there a process?

Our goal is to provide you with well- researched and quality academic papers. As a result, we encourage our writers to use the following steps while crafting your custom essay.

  • Read and understand the assignment and its requirements
  • Perform in-depth research on the topic using credible sources.
  • Create an outline for your essay paper.
  • Write a first draft for the essay.
  • Edit and format the draft.
  • Revise the essay whenever necessary.