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CustomWritings Prices

Our prices for custom writing services are based on the following factors:

All prices are given in USD for writing 1 page. You will be able to choose currency during checkout.

These prices do not include the Value Added TAX. Prices for EU customers are calculated according to the tariffs of the country the customer is from.

One of the key considerations that students take into account when choosing an academic writing service is the pricing. Bestwritingbay is known for offering affordable prices that are tailored to meet the budgetary needs of students.

Our pricing structure is based on a number of factors including the type of paper, the academic level, the deadline, and the number of pages. We offer three categories of academic levels: high school, undergraduate, and graduate. The prices for high school papers are the most affordable, while those for graduate papers are the highest. This is because graduate-level papers require more research, analysis, and time compared to high school papers.

One of the key advantages of our pricing structure is that it is flexible. This means that students can choose the type of service they want based on their budgetary needs. For instance, if a student has a tight deadline and cannot afford the advanced writers, they can choose the standard writers, who are more affordable. However, our standard writers still offer high quality custom writings that always meet all your academic standards.

Our pricing structure is also transparent. In fact, we have a pricing calculator on our website that allows students to calculate the cost of their order based on the requirements. This helps students to budget for their academic assignments in advance.

Additionally,we offers discounts and promo codes to our customers. New customers are eligible for a 15% discount on their first order. We also offers seasonal discounts and promo codes to its loyal customers. These discounts and promo codes make our services even more affordable.

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best custom writing services